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We are a  key player in business consulting and advisory services field within the East Africa region bridging gaps between the management approaches and its actual implementation plans.

We started operating in 2014 and our primary business was business consulting in finance, IT , administrative and outsourcing services. As the needs of clients increased in relation to the growing challenges in work life balance, it created an opportunity to comprehensively provide integrated employee engagement schemes for our clients. It’s our flexibility and innovation to retort to the needs of clients that have today made the grown Outshine Africa to offer services into Business Advisory, Phycological Counselling, Training and Personal Development

  • Pyschological Counselling
  • Business Advisory
  • Training & Personal Development

We are today one of the growing employee engagement consultants based on employees’ team building, retirement planning, personal financial consultations and counseling, Career development consultations, and most successful upcoming psychosocial consultants with a footprint in East Africa. Our motive is to provide preventative care on emotional spending, personal finance management, personal investment and entrepreneurship, loan and debt management and other services to clients from all walks of life. We also offer stress management, workshops on marriage life, retirement planning and how to deal with change after retrenchment.

We have remarkable experience in the field in terms of service provision.  With a dedicated team of skilled personnel who are experts in their various fields of operation Outshine Africa is able to provide flexible and tailor-made solutions for any corporate client